Flash Cards

How do I flip my cards?
Tap the card anywhere in the gray area to flip it to the other side.
How do I rename a deck?
Open a deck and tap Edit > Edit Card > Tap the deck name to change.
How do I backup and sync my cards?
On the main screen of the app tap the button in the bottom center of the screen that looks like a cloud. This will backup your work to your iCloud account. After you make changes to your cards or decks you should always sync to keep your work current and backed up.
How to share my decks with others?
Open the deck you would like to share in the app, then tap the button in the lower left corner that looks like a bunch of arrows in a circle. You can then share your deck however you like.

For best results, try messaging or emailing the deck. The recipient only needs to install the app and tap the file you sent them to open in the app, which will make them their own copy of the deck to study or edit.

How to get rid of ads?
Go to Study Store and purchase the Remove Ads option or upgrade to Pro for ad free experience.
How do I export to CSV?
Tap the deck you want to export and tap the share button. Then select CSV. You can then edit and re-import to app.
How do I import a CSV?
Navigate to the file location on your device (for example email attachment) and tap the more options button and select “Copy to Flash Cards”.
How do I open a deck sent in iOS Messages?
Tap the top of the screen in the conversation and tap the info button. Scroll down to the attachments section and tap the deck file. Tap the more options button and select “Copy to Flash Cards”.
How can I email you?
Send your email to apps@infinitewavemedia.com