FAQ – Loud Alarm

[toggle title=’How do I set my alarm?’ type=’light’] Step 1.) Open the Loud Alarm app and tap the + button at the bottom of the screen.
Step 2.) Configure your alarm settings like alarm label, desired sound and days of the week the alarm should go off.
Step 3.) Tap the alarm to make sure it is enabled. An enabled alarm clock should have a green dot next to it while disabled alarm clocks should have a red dot next to it. You should feel your device vibrate when the status of the alarm is changed (if your device supports vibrating).
[/toggle] [toggle title=’How do I snooze?’ type=’light’] To discourage over sleeping and help wake you up, snoozing is disabled in Loud Alarm Lite and Loud Alarm Pro unless you purchase the snooze option for either 10 minutes ($.99), 20 minutes ($1.99) or 30 minutes ($2.99).

After your alarm has sounded, open the app via the notification on your device by swiping the notification to the right. When the app opens, select “Snooze” and then select which length of time you would like to snooze for. Complete the in app purchase to enable the snooze duration. Each Snooze purchase is a one-time, consumable in app purchase. This means it can only be used 1 time per purchase.
[/toggle] [toggle title=’How do I disable ads?’ type=’light’] You can remove advertisements in Loud Alarm Lite by tapping the yellow “Unlock” button at the bottom of the screen, above the add alarm and edit alarm buttons. To remove ads tap the “Remove Ads” option and complete the in app purchase. After purchase is complete please restart the app and ads should now be removed.

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