How to Use the Alarm Clock

Due to Apple's limitations on 3rd party alarm clock apps, we are not allowed to play audio while app is in background unless your device ringer is set to ENABLED. Please see the instructions below.

To use the alarm clock like below (background mode, i.e. device locked or app closed), set your ringer to ENABLED to make sure you can hear your alarm sounds.

To use the alarm clock while it is open on your device (foreground mode), you can have your ringer ENABLED or DISABLED, and you will be able to hear your alarm sounds in either scenario.


Why didn't I hear my alarm?

Make sure your settings are configured as the steps above illustrate.

Can I use the alarm clock without leaving it open?

Yes, just make sure you set your device ringer to ENABLED and your device is not on Do Not Disturb mode so you are able to hear your alarm clock sounds.

I'm having some other problem, can you help?

Email and we will respond promptly.